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CPFS is an innovative service company that uses experienced staff, superior methodology and its advanced software tool (webTOP) to drastically improve efficiency and reduce cost in delivering key project information and documentation electronically to help get your facility licensed and running on schedule, and to seamlessly feed your computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

The CPFS methodology is designed to leverage ASTM e2500 and exhibit its intent, as well as the benefits of Lean Project Delivery and industry-based GEP.


Simply, the CPFS way is where life sciences is headed.

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Faster Commissioning and Faster Time to Market | Capital Projects | Facility Services

Commissioning and


“Overall, it is the intent to utilize the project’s commissioning process to enhance and reduce the time taken for qualification, hence reducing time-to-market. Properly documented commissioning can be leveraged into qualification by systems and completing the process in phases, allowing for early production and manufacturing.”

Construction, Commissioning and Qualification | Capital Projects | Facility Services

A Practical Guide to Construction, Commissioning and Qualification Documentation

“a well-constructed facility that is on time, within budget, and whose every system is performing to specifications is of no value to the operating company if the associated documentation does not effectively support the qualification process – it is a classic case of failing to see the forest through trees. In fact, the construction contractor must appreciate the significance of documentation, and make it an integral part of the construction planning, implementation, and commissioning process from day one.”

CPFS Best in Both C & Q Services | Capital Projects | Facility Services

CPFS Best in Both

C & Q Services

Qualification is a process that extends beyond commissioning because it is primarily concerned with verifying facility and system aspects that can affect product quality.


The basic difference between commissioning and qualification is that the former is concerned with good engineering practice, whereas the latter primarily verifies facility and systems aspects that can affect product quality.




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